Somewhere in the 1990’s, Richard Williams, an unconventional father who was often unbearable to be around, announced to the world that his two daughters were the best in the sport. And Tennis was changed forever.

Still from the film King Richard. Photo credits: IndieWire

Contrasts are beautiful, in photographs, in cloudy sky, in the green-themed burger chain, and in this year’s best picture winner at the oscars, Chloé Zhao’s Nomadland.

A still from Chloé Zhao’s Nomadland (2020)

India is gasping for oxygen, but the power-hungry narcissist is probably more worried about his monuments, the US$2.8 billion Central Vista project, than the burning pyres in the crematorium.

Heath specialist sitting in an ambulance outside a crematorium. Photo credit: The New York Times

Stay home and save lives. As easy as this possible world-saving slogan sounds on the surface, it is probably the biggest scam pulled off by the governments around the world. Because for autocrats, crisis is a chance to grab even more power.

Street graffiti. Photo credit: AFP

In Shakespearean world, love was bounded by society, status and class. In Orwellian world, citizens were withdrawn from freedom of expression, freedom of press and freedom to live. Astonishingly, Hindutva world possesses all the above qualities, just it lacks the beautiful literature.

Illustration: Saurabh Singh

Consider the screenwriting process as that of architecture. Without a proper floor plan and design, there won’t be any building. It is the genesis, origin and the spiritual department of films.

Netflix’s latest docu-drama, The Social Dilemma, barring from its unusual narrative, has only one ironic flaw. It exists in the same system that it despises. So is this article.

The preposterous and problematic reactions by the media and movie-goers alike, over the sad demise of a celebrity with an interesting filmography, gives a surface glimpse about the still prevalent misogyny that runs in the society as well as the trend of distraction posed by the government post-2014.

The Starry Night, 1889 by Vincent Van Gogh

George Floyd in America and Jayaraj & Bennix in India have surely started a debate around police brutality. But, Ardh Satya was talking about it in 1983.

Om Puri in a still from Ardh Satya (1983). Photo Credit: Scroll

His plans to further tarnish the democratic fabric of India might still be intact, but coronavirus is acting as a minor shield. Months into the pandemic, did the microscopic organism really affect his divisive politics?

An Artwork depicting Narendra Modi’s politics. Photo Credit: Unknown

Raj Ajay Pandya

Writer, Columnist & Filmmaker.

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